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Design & Planning

Looking to help reduce development costs and save time? Our design solutions offer customers a fast and convenient service, managing the entire process from initial design to product construction.

The development team at Cases Ltd works alongside both customer marketing and operations resulting in a design to manufacture process that is both flexible and easy.

At Cases Ltd we appreciate the importance of timescale. By taking on the complete project from start to finish, misunderstandings and unexplained delays are a thing of the past.

Our highly advanced Radan package incorporating Raddraft, Radpunch, Radprofile and radview and forsee spatial problems before prototyping and produce photo-realistic images so that all packaging, marketing and design graphics can be arranged at the same time.

  • Design & Planning Facility
  • Reduce Development Costs
  • Fast & Efficient Service
  • Small & Large Projects
  • Design To Manufacture
  • Technical Advice & Solutions
CNC Laser Cutting

Cost Saving Design Services

Quality, convenience and cost are always high priority when we take on a project. The product design reflects this as do our unit prices. During the manufacturing stage we can offer fast track prototypes as well as contributions to design reviews due to our internal CNC sheet metal and precision machining.

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