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Cutting edge CNC laser cutting service

Cases Ltd provide a cost effective CNC laser cutting service for companies throughout the South West and UK wide from our well equipped manufacturing facility in Somerset. Our new last cutting machine, the ENSIS-AJ Fibre Laser offers the latest in technological breakthroughs in fibre laser cutting.

AMADA now presents the new ENSIS-AJ Fibre Laser – Using variable beam control technology developed by AMADA, the new ENSIS can manufacture mild steel products which could only be produced using a higher powered laser source in the past. This cutting edge innovation is made possible through the modulation of the laser beam as a function of sheet thickness, changing the beam shape to suit material/thickness requirements.

  • Full range cutting capability without the need to change lenses
  • Rapid feed rates: 170m/min, the fastest in class
  • New helical rack drive ensures high speeds and smooth operation
  • Energy saving – ECO Cut and reduced power consumption
  • VPSS 3i software solution pack for seamless part processing and programming
CNC Laser Cutting

ENSIS-AJ Fibre Laser – Benefits

  • Reduced servicing and maintenance-no internal mirrors, turbo blower or laser gas
  • ECO Cut – 38% higher processing speeds with smaller nozzles
  • Reduced processing times and 45% less assist gas usage
  • AMADA Digital Support System (ADSS) proactive maintenance
  • New AMNC 3i touch screen control
  • Cut thin-to-thick material without lens change
  • Variable beam technology to suit material/thickness
  • Fibre engine developed by AMADA
  • Oil shot pierce – prevents splatter and improves quality
  • CoolingCut for stable processing of thick materials
  • Fibre beam generation and fibre beam delivery
  • Proven sheet load/unload automation options
  • Automatic 16 station nozzle changer
  • Automatic pierce monitoring
  • Automatic cut condition monitorin
  • A fusion of fibre and CO2 laser cutting benefits
  • Capable of cutting copper, brass and titanium
  • 6kW mild steel capacity in a 3kW machine
  • Bar code reader – fast program loading
  • VPSS 3i software solution pack
  • Production Designer – process 2D/3D files quickly and accurately
  • Dr. ABE Blank – fully automatic programming and nesting
  • Rapid feed rates: 170m/min – the fastest in class
  • Lightweight Y-axis carriage
  • Lower centre of gravity allowing higher speeds
  • New helical rack drive with high torque motor which allows for faster and precise material processing

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