CNC Laser Cutting

Cases Engineering provide a cost effective CNC laser cutting service for companies throughout the South West and UK wide from our well equipped manufacturing facility in Somerset. Our new laser cutting machine, the LC-3015 X1 NT, offers high-quality cutting results coupled with utmost reliability and precision throughout the entire process.

This all-round machine boasts an extended range of convincing processing options; alongside all steel types. It is now possible to machine aluminum-magnesium alloys of up to 12 mm in thickness and stainless steel of up to 15 mm. The resonator stands out due to its excellent performance stability and optimized energy management.

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art machine engineering technology, the LC-3015 X1 NT continues to offer absolute laser cutting precision even after many years of operation. Cases has now installed a second CNC laser cutter, the Bystronic Bysprint 3015. Bysprint is the optimal system for users who would like to focus on laser cutting of parts up to six millimeters sheet metal thickness. Depending on the laser source, it is also possible to process thick sheet metal up to 20 millimeters. Thanks to its high machine dynamics, the BySprint laser cutter impresses with short cutting time per part.

In addition, the minimal operating costs paired with the extraordinary efficiency of the entire system allow extremely economical order processing. Thus a clear competitive advantage is achieved.