CNC Metal Forming

Cases Engineering have invested in the highest quality CNC metal forming technology to give companies a better and faster service at a good price. Our CNC press braking machines from Bystronic have allowed us to offer our customers exceptional metal forming and bending capabilities including: A wide range of tooling, quick set up, high productivity, high accuracy and repeatability of sections and parts. Cases currently run 3 Bystronic press brakes from the PR range.

Customer CNC metal forming benefits

The ultimate in air metal bending technology:

  • press reference (PR) metal bending technology for the automatic compensation of machine-related and material-related parameters. Guarantee for high quality parts
  • IPC (Integrated Process Control) for the high-precision registering of the material properties and the compensation of their influence on the bending metal process without inconvenient measurement devices in the working area
  • comprehensive CAD/CAM solution: From file to finished part. Check the feasibility already at the construction stage and bend correctly

The unique PR system offers the user

  • automatic compensation of the side strut springback
  • automatic temperature compensation
  • dynamic hydraulic crowning using a short-lift cylinder in the lower beam
  • automatic press control
  • protection of the tools against overloading

In addition IPC offers the user

  • dynamic material thickness measurement
  • Dynamic springback compensation

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