New AMADA ENSIS-AJ Fibre Laser – Has Arrived!

Cases are pleased to announce the arrival of our new AMADA ENSIS-AJ Fibre Laser machine. We continue to invest in the latest CNC technology, ensuring our customers receive quality manufactured products
at very competitive prices.

Following the success and technological breakthrough with the ENSIS fibre laser, AMADA now presents the new ENSIS 6 and 9 kW fibre Laser.

Using variable beam control technology developed by AMADA, the new ENSIS can manufacture mild steel products which could only be produced using a higher powered laser source in the past. This cutting edge innovation is made possible through the modulation of the laser beam as a function of sheet thickness, changing the beam shape to suit material/thickness requirements.

  • Full range cutting capability without the need to change lenses
  • Rapid feed rates: 170m/min, the fastest in class
  • New helical rack drive ensures high speeds and smooth operation
  • Energy saving – ECO Cut and reduced power consumption
  • VPSS 3i software solution pack for seamless part processing and programming