Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Cases Ltd operates its business in a manner which actively seeks to prevent or minimise the possibility of its operations causing harm to people, such as employees, contractors and visitors.

All members of the company accept degrees of responsibility in order to provide a continuous improvement in health and safety performance. We strive to identify hazards and where these cannot be eliminated, we assess and adequately control risks in order to prevent accidents and incidents.

Our employees have a direct role to play in the continuous improvement in health and safety and appropriate information, instruction and training will be provided to enable employees to contribute to this improvement.


Cases Ltd is committed to the continual improvement and management of its Environmental performance. This will be achieved by the following:

  • Operating in a manner that prevents pollution of the environment and complies with applicable legal requirements;
  • Training all staff in the relevant aspects of our Environmental obligations;
  • Assessing in advance, the environmental impact of any new significant facilities or operations, and mitigating against that impact, wherever possible;
  • Regularly auditing our activities to ensure compliance;
  • Comply with all relevant legal requirements and to implement programmes and procedures to ensure this is achieved;
  • Setting Environmental targets, based upon these objectives and endeavouring to improve environmental performance on a year on year basis.

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